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We have spent some enjoyable meals pairing up our beer styles with different menus. With a range that covers delicate malt (Pilsner), rich malt (Red Helles), dark chocolate (Dunkel), and spiciness (Saison), we believe there is something for every dining occasion. We’ve also done special editions of our lagers for a Christmas menu (with lemon and limes, cranberries and blackcurrent liqueur deepening the flavours) as well as using foraged ingredients for a menu with Riverford’s popular Field Kitchen.

Tomato, Borlotti bean and west country goat cheese – serve with a glass of chilled Barnaby’s Brewhouse Green Tomato Saison Ale.

Chris Sherville, Chef

Try the Red Helles with sweet potato and cottage cheese curry and with cheddar marinated spiced chicken

Ankur Biswas, Head Chef, Royal Castle Hotel

Christmas Lagers and Food Pairings

For Christmas Barnaby's Brewhouse have created three delicious organic lagers to enjoy with a plethora of food pairing suggestions during this festive season: Lemon and Lime Pilsner Delicate malt balanced with a refreshing citrus tang from the organic fruit additions. Smoked salmon carpaccio: Smoked salmon layered with beetroot, orange and [...]

Food Pairings for Organic Dunkel

Our Organic Dunkel provides delicious dark flavours of coffee and chocolate along with a slight hint of orange. This well-balanced lager will complement any of the following: Mussel, spinach and parmesan pizza Pulled pork wrap with barbeque sauce Roasted monkfish with pancetta Beef in black bean sauce Venison cutlets with [...]

Food Pairings for Organic Red Helles

Four types of organic malted barley give our Red Helles a distinctive red colour and malt character. Its subtle bittering and hopping provide the perfect accompaniment to: Bacon, brie and asparagus pizza Crab, clam and herb linguini Honey-baked ham salad Bavarian pork tenderloin stew with garlic and thyme Roasted trout [...]

Food Pairings for Organic Pilsner

A delicate malt flavour balanced with organic hop bitterness and floral notes. Try with: Prawn, rocket, mozzarella and lemon bruschetta Serrano ham with melted brie and sliced apples on ciabatta bread Roast chicken with herb stuffing Red Thai salmon curry with basmati rice Spicy three bean enchiladas with soured cream [...]

Learn more about how to pair beers and foods here: Better than Wine

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