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Organic Craft Lager

At Barnaby’s Brewhouse we combine an ecological ethic and passion for our products to produce unique organic lagers that suitable for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans.

We aim to be a completely sustainable business using renewable energy sources and repurposing or reusing all waste products resulting in an pure clean taste.

We are certified organic by the Soil Association. We use organic malt and hops sourced in the UK and our water comes from a natural spring that rises on the organic farmland a few hundred yards from the brewery.


Barnaby’s Brewhouse is based on Riverford’s Hole Farm and supplies Riverford Organic Farmers’ box scheme and also the Riverford Field Kitchen 

Pilsner, Red Helles & Dark Dunkel

Our Lagers

At Barnaby’s Brewhouse we design delicate organic craft lagers designed to meet a range of tastes. Produced using the farm’s spring water, cold fermented, and conditioned over time, our lagers have a clean malt flavour and are delicious with a with a range of foods.
  • barnabys-brewhouse-product-pilsner
    Subtle malt flavour. Ideal with spicier foods, fish and Mediterranean dishes, or just as an aperitif.
    Pilsner – 4.8% ABV
  • barnabys-brewhouse-product-red-helles
    Refreshing malty lager. Well matched with lighter dishes, salads, a mature cheddar and fresh baked bread.
    Red Helles – 4.8% ABV
  • barnabys-brewhouse-product-dark-dunkel
    Smooth dark lager with a hint of chocolate. Perfect with caramelised and rich flavoured dishes.
    Dark Dunkel – 4.8% ABV

‘Just as wine drinkers understand the importance of different grape varieties, today’s beer drinkers are increasingly curious about different styles and what gives each beer its unique flavours. The provenance of food and drink is hugely important and people are quickly coming round to the idea that beer is best when it is brewed locally, on a relatively small scale, by someone who’s first goal is to brew something of excellence and flavour’

Mike Benner, SIBA Managing Director


Innovative and Eco-Friendly Organic Craft Lagers

We have developed our processes so that there is almost no waste and our ethos is to be as ecological and efficient as we can. We use energy from solar panels to power the brewing process and filter our grey water through a modular reed bed before it is sprayed back on the fields. Spent grain is fed to the cows on the farm and our hops are all composted.

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