Barnaby Harris
Barnaby HarrisDirector
Barnaby was a frustrated business technology professional who had been home brewing for many years. After extensive training and product development he decided to focus on continental style lagers as he felt there was a big gap in the market for quality UK produced products in this range.

However, he still needed someone with the expertise to create the equipment that would manage the brewing process at scale – enter an old colleague and process engineer, Tim Stacey.

He also needed to have processes in place that would be auditable by the Soil Association. He donned his technology cap again and created a brewery management system for the Brewhouse with full organic traceability.

Tim Stacey
Tim Stacey Director
Tim took little persuading to join Barnaby as an equal partner in the business. His love of both engineering and brewing made the brewery a perfect career move!

Since starting the business Tim has taught himself stainless steel welding and has built the Brewhouse plant which is used to produce Barnaby’s Brewhouse’s distinctive range of beers.

This has been done entirely with second hand and repurposed equipment and has provide the company with a full brewhouse, temperature controlled fermenters / conditioning tanks, filtration and bottling equipment, and a full mobile ‘Clean In Place (CIP)’ rig that is used to ensure all the brewing equipment is fully sanitised before use.

Jessica Stacey
Jessica StaceyMarketing & Advertising Assistant
Jessica is the brewery’s Marketing and Promotions Assistant.

With a background of graphic design and business she manages our website, social media presence and events.

She has been coordinating photo shoots, video production and trade shows as well as being involved in our branding, including logo, label and leaflet design.