Although it was the result of a throw away comment from Riverford Organic, our Green Tomato Saison developed a big following last year, with the first batch selling out in just three days.

The beer – based on a classic Belgian farmhouse style – went on to win Gold Awards in both Taste of the West and Food and Drink Devon Awards 2018 / 2019. In fact, it was one of the four finalists in the Taste of the West Awards, where it was only beaten by Barnaby’s Brewhouse Organic Dunkel (which was named Champion beer!).

Needless to say we were delighted to partner with Riverford again this year, using their surplus green tomatoes to avoid wastage. We’ve been able to produce more of this distinctive beer this time round but it is selling quickly!

This might be because Saison is such a versatile style of beer. According to Garrett Oliver, author of The Brewmaster’s Table, the saison style of beer “seems to go with almost everything. The combination of dynamic bitterness, scouring carbonation, bright aromatics, spicy flavours, pepper notes, dark earthy underpinnings and racy acidity gives these beers a hook to hang their hat on for a wide range of dishes”.

Using tomatoes in the beer gives it freshness and a hint of sourness and, because of the amount of fruit that is used, a slightly wine-like quality.

We’ve found it to be delicious with peppered steaks, Thai dishes, spicy sausages, creamy goats milk cheese – the list goes on and on.

The beer is available in our shop on this website or through the Riverford Organic delivery scheme.