Barnaby’s Brewhouse has given a presentation about its present and planned use of technology to the Tech Exeter meeting (held on 10 January at the impressive Impact Labs’ building at Exeter Science Park).

So why was a small organic brewery up alongside astrophysicist Sam Morrell and his brilliant explanation of how big data science is helping us model the way in which the universe works? You couldn’t have got much more down to earth than a brewery on an organic farm!

Well, besides the obvious (we were running a sponsored bar for the event), it is because we are already working with Impact Labs on the rapid prototyping of some of our energy saving technologies. Through this they came to find out about our in-house software, use of data for traceability and our future plans to create a sustainable business ecosystem which will reduce waste in the production process. Rather than talking about waste we plan to create a network for transactions that will, instead, create value from by-products.

At the event we painted a broad picture of how such a network might be created, how data could be used to evidence energy efficiency, and how we are currently putting together a pilot project with a small network of participants that will provide proof of concept for the idea. Further details to follow.

Find out about Barnaby’s Brewhouse current ecological system on our Ethos page.